Now Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited: The Queen’s Lioness, A Steamy Romance of Ancient Egypt


A Queen’s most trusted companion. Egypt’s most notorious thief. Swept together by fate and tempted by forbidden desire.

The royals of the ancient world have gathered in the glittering white city of Memphis for the coronation of a new Egyptian pharaoh. Whispers and gossip abound, speculating about a mysterious masked thief, the arrival of a seductive Nubian princess, and most of all, the woman they call the Lady Sekhmet – a beautiful handmaiden who rescued their Golden Queen from certain death.

Sekhmet resents her growing fame and does her best to dodge the sensual temptations of court life, even going so far as to distance herself from her former lover, the Queen. Instead, she spends her days honing her battle prowess. The notorious assassination attempt left her scarred and determined to never again be so vulnerable.

Alone in a ransacked temple under the glow of moonlight, Sekhmet finds herself forced into a tenuous alliance with the enigmatic and dangerously seductive masked thief. The connection between them is as electric as it is forbidden, and far too strong for either to resist. Together, they must embark on a series of adventures to uncover the deeper conspiracy that brews at court, restore a priceless relic to the crown, and save Egypt herself from sabotage.


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Coming Soon: The Bathhouse Scandal, A Damsels in Undress Novella

Available Friday, July 27, 2018. Pre-order here.

The Bathhouse Scandal, A Damsels in Undress Novella

A scandal that nearly ruined her. A reunion that sizzles with heat. Secrets, seduction, and intrigue that will change them forever.

Princess Portia has an impeccable reputation. Well, except for what happened in the Bathhouse. With many years since the Bathhouse Incident behind her, she has forged an image of herself as steady, reliable, and perhaps a bit frigid.

On the night she is to choose a royal groom at the kingdom’s Winter Ball, the man who nearly ruined her all those years ago comes crashing back into her life, sending the nobles into a frenzy of gossip and speculation.

Max de Chalons has returned from exile and is the same as ever: glib, amusing, and wickedly handsome.

In the days that follow, the two rekindle their childhood friendship. Rumors swirl of a forbidden affair, a murdered Viscountess, and a dastardly noble bent on winning Portia’s hand at any cost.

Can they escape this web of scandal, blackmail, and intrigue?

A steamy tale of plotting and passion unfolds around them, pulling them back to their childhood follies and the place where it all began.

A Blissful Return

That’s right! Your eyes do not deceive you. It is I, Amelie Bliss, risen from the probably-dead! And really, I can explain.

Long ago, in that glimmering erstwhile year of 2015, when Obama was still in office and Bitch Better Have My Money was at the top of the charts, I started a noble endeavor – to write smutty but romantic novellas as fast as I everloving could.

Image result for 2015
(We were all so innocent)

And I did! That summer, I put out a new novella every two weeks, and if I do say so, each one was better than the one that came before it. I had found my calling. My truth. My passion!

Aaaand then life slapped me in the face with a long, boring crisis of the medical variety. While some people do get their jollies from biopsies and pharma cocktails and being cut open with teeny tiny knives, it has never really been my bag, and I found my ability to write pretty damn hampered by the drag of it all.

Image result for sexy doctors
(My Actual Medical Team)

I won’t say I’m totally better, because I’m not. But I’m back in a place where I can write again, and as long as I can I will.

So, for Blissers who were invested from the start, blog enthusiasts, and any rando who happens onto this post, let me lay out for you what’s on the horizon, because there’s some exciting shit a’brewin’

1. Upgrades to the Current Library

(It’s all porn. All of it.)

All my current work is getting a face lift. Some of the covers are being polished up (slight font adjustments), but the real magic will be happening inside (ain’t that always the way?) with some pro formatting.

BONUS: Several books will be getting bonus chapters (of nothin’ but pure steam). These will be listed for free for all of my mailing list subscribers!

2. A Proper Launch for The Ringmistress

Related image
(For the record, I wrote this exact relationship 3 years before the film came out)

My last book was published as all of my personal dramas were leaving the ground. Sadly, I did not give it the love it deserved. There was never an announcement, no ARCs, and predictably, it launched with a fizzle. This is a real shame, because it is the intro to a series I am still very excited about and the heroine is probably my favorite of all the ladies I’ve written. So we’re doing this again, properly this time

BONUS: A brand new cover with a much sexier portrayal of my beloved Zadie 

3. A New Damsel in Undress

Image result for princess in tower
(We all know what’s happening here from the waist down)

Prickly Princess Portia wraps up my trilogy of a line of royal ladies in medieval times who find themselves in the most delightful sorts of trouble. Portia’s story is a little longer than her mother’s and sister’s, but is still in bite-sized novella form.

BONUS: Fan favorite Princess Adaline and her beloved Blacksmith return for several cameo scenes within.

4. Bundles!

With the long awaited conclusion of the Damsels in Undress trilogy, I can finally package up the three for a tidy discount. I will be doing the same for the Isis & Anubis duology, so keep an eye out for those if you don’t already own your own copies.

BONUS: These bundles will give me the chance to try something I haven’t yet experimented with – print editions! If you want physical Bliss, hang tight, it’s on the way.

5. Sekhmet’s Seduction

Image result for sekhmetIf you read Valley of Queens, you likely remember the heroine’s sultry little handmaiden. She’s getting her own book, set around the ascent of a new Pharaoh in the ancient city of Memphis. Poor dove is surrounded by sensual temptations, including the Pharaoh’s brooding little brother, a seductive Nubian princess, and worst of all, the masked thief who has been raining havoc on the coronation.

BONUS: This work will be my first full-length novel! That means a full-length, full-girth experience of nonstop adventure, chemistry, romance, and sexy encounters!

6. Coming Soon …

There’s a lot in the works for the future. Cirque de Femme will be introducing its Snake Charmer and a new series focused around an enchanted forest, full of temptation and danger, is just around the corner.

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Now Available: The Blacksmith’s Bargain – An erotic story about an innocent princess, a burly blacksmith, and a unicorn

Blacksmith's Bargain


There’s a unicorn in the forest and Princess Adaline will do anything to catch it, even if it means sneaking out of the palace grounds under cover of twilight.

When her midnight caper is interrupted by the burly village blacksmith, she makes him an irresistible offer – a single night to play with her lush, untouched body – in exchange for his silence and his help

Now Available: Another Man’s Queen – An Erotic Romance set in Ancient Egypt

Another Man's Queen


No married woman should attract so much attention. She is a pale jewel in the glittering court of ancient Thebes, the obsession and desire of every man save one – her new husband.

She does her best to avoid the electric connection she feels with the pharaoh’s eldest son – a charismatic prince whose Sahara-colored eyes seem to see right through the farce of her marriage, and into her secret desires for his touch.

His intentions are clear. He intends to make the exotic, blonde foreigner his own. While she strives to maintain propriety, she can’t help but meet his gaze every time they cross paths.

He calls her Isis. To him she is a goddess of the night, a symbol of beauty and love. He tells her the truth about her husband’s indiscretions. He promises passion, romance – and most appealing of all – revenge against her despicable spouse.

How long can she resist the allure of his touch? Perhaps in the arms of the Egyptian prince, she will finally capture true love … and her husband’s undivided attention.

Oathbound – A Medieval Erotic Romance – is now available on Kindle Unlimited

Oathbound - A Princess in a TowerLast week, I announced the soon-to-be publication of my first medieval romantic erotica book – Oathbound.

Grab it on Amazon for $2.99 or check it out via Kindle Unlimited.  Follow the journey of a kidnapped princess whose fate hangs between her evil kidnappers and her rescuer – a dangerous knight whose devotion has always seemed somehow less than pure.

As ever, I want to hear what you think!  Leave a comment here or a review on Amazon and tell me what you want to see hit my bookshelves in the future.