Now Available: The Blacksmith’s Bargain – An erotic story about an innocent princess, a burly blacksmith, and a unicorn

Blacksmith's Bargain


There’s a unicorn in the forest and Princess Adaline will do anything to catch it, even if it means sneaking out of the palace grounds under cover of twilight.

When her midnight caper is interrupted by the burly village blacksmith, she makes him an irresistible offer – a single night to play with her lush, untouched body – in exchange for his silence and his help

Now Available: Another Man’s Queen – An Erotic Romance set in Ancient Egypt

Another Man's Queen


No married woman should attract so much attention. She is a pale jewel in the glittering court of ancient Thebes, the obsession and desire of every man save one – her new husband.

She does her best to avoid the electric connection she feels with the pharaoh’s eldest son – a charismatic prince whose Sahara-colored eyes seem to see right through the farce of her marriage, and into her secret desires for his touch.

His intentions are clear. He intends to make the exotic, blonde foreigner his own. While she strives to maintain propriety, she can’t help but meet his gaze every time they cross paths.

He calls her Isis. To him she is a goddess of the night, a symbol of beauty and love. He tells her the truth about her husband’s indiscretions. He promises passion, romance – and most appealing of all – revenge against her despicable spouse.

How long can she resist the allure of his touch? Perhaps in the arms of the Egyptian prince, she will finally capture true love … and her husband’s undivided attention.

Oathbound – A Medieval Erotic Romance – is now available on Kindle Unlimited

Oathbound - A Princess in a TowerLast week, I announced the soon-to-be publication of my first medieval romantic erotica book – Oathbound.

Grab it on Amazon for $2.99 or check it out via Kindle Unlimited.  Follow the journey of a kidnapped princess whose fate hangs between her evil kidnappers and her rescuer – a dangerous knight whose devotion has always seemed somehow less than pure.

As ever, I want to hear what you think!  Leave a comment here or a review on Amazon and tell me what you want to see hit my bookshelves in the future.

Why Princess Porn is my Jam

Princess SmutMaybe porn is an indelicate word for what I do.

Later this weekend, when Oathbound hits Kindle Unlimited, and all of you fine people go to grab a copy and gobble it up, you’ll see that I don’t really write smut without romance.  I can’t seem to manage it. I tried.

But why princesses? Well, let’s talk about that.

Oathbound follows a medieval European princess on her journey through kidnapping, voyeurism, and light bondage. Her hunk-of-man is (of course) a knight – big, tall, strong, and good-looking. For this first entry into my princess series, I wanted to embrace the most classic of princess lore.  It doesn’t get much more classic than princess/knight/tower.

Of course, her generous breast size and his lack of control when he sees her tied to that beam are my own artistic embellishments on the classic tropes.

the_blue_forest_by_scared_princess-d6egnz6My next story will focus on an married Grecian princess who’s been dragged to ancient Thebes, only to fall under the spell of the pharaoh’s son.

I’ve also got outlines in the works for a Renaissance princess chasing a unicorn, a gypsy princess out to learn a dangerous new spell, and a Celtic barbarian princess with vengeful plans for the captain of the Roman invaders.

“Princess” as a theme is insanely flexible. I like historical and fantasy settings, and this facilitates any enchanted forest or crumbling castle I could possibly come up with. What’s to stop me from pairing an alien princess with an astronaut, for example?

The real appeal here comes from what it means to seduce a princess.  The princess herself is the most desirable girl in her realm. She’s very powerful but holds no real responsibilities. And perhaps best of all, no matter who you are, she is off limits to you. Even a royal lady’s fiance shouldn’t be pushing her skirts up until the wedding night.

It’s romantic, it’s tempting, and it’s taboo. I can’t think of anything more appealing than that. Can you?