Call Me Amelie – About the Author

Once upon a time, I stumbled onto a big black garbage bag full of romance novels in my mom’s clutter room.  Peeking inside, I saw dozens of glossy, brightly-colored paperbacks.  Hunky, long-haired warriors gripped women in dresses with questionable structural integrity and titles screamed out promises of passion and romance.  I didn’t stand a chance.

15 years and thousands of books later, I’ve never lost my fondness for those corny mid-90s romance epics.  There’s something wonderful about all those glossy-maned heroines defying the odds to get frisky with the hottest man in the land (who also happens to be the laird/king/sultan of wherever).  It gives a girl ideas.  Ideas she needs to put on paper.

By day, I sit in a Manhattan office building, writing respectable marketing copy.  By night, I delve into the darkest forests, the most windswept of dunes, and the most enchanted castles my mind can conjure.  I spend hours there whipping up tension, romance, and (of course) hot sex.

I want to create the kind of breathless, riveting encounters that glowed off of the pages in that secret black bag I found all those years ago.  You’ll have to let me know how I do!

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