Now Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited: The Queen’s Lioness, A Steamy Romance of Ancient Egypt


A Queen’s most trusted companion. Egypt’s most notorious thief. Swept together by fate and tempted by forbidden desire.

The royals of the ancient world have gathered in the glittering white city of Memphis for the coronation of a new Egyptian pharaoh. Whispers and gossip abound, speculating about a mysterious masked thief, the arrival of a seductive Nubian princess, and most of all, the woman they call the Lady Sekhmet – a beautiful handmaiden who rescued their Golden Queen from certain death.

Sekhmet resents her growing fame and does her best to dodge the sensual temptations of court life, even going so far as to distance herself from her former lover, the Queen. Instead, she spends her days honing her battle prowess. The notorious assassination attempt left her scarred and determined to never again be so vulnerable.

Alone in a ransacked temple under the glow of moonlight, Sekhmet finds herself forced into a tenuous alliance with the enigmatic and dangerously seductive masked thief. The connection between them is as electric as it is forbidden, and far too strong for either to resist. Together, they must embark on a series of adventures to uncover the deeper conspiracy that brews at court, restore a priceless relic to the crown, and save Egypt herself from sabotage.


Grab your copy today or read for free in Kindle Unlimited!


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