Coming Soon: The Bathhouse Scandal, A Damsels in Undress Novella

Available Friday, July 27, 2018. Pre-order here.

The Bathhouse Scandal, A Damsels in Undress Novella

A scandal that nearly ruined her. A reunion that sizzles with heat. Secrets, seduction, and intrigue that will change them forever.

Princess Portia has an impeccable reputation. Well, except for what happened in the Bathhouse. With many years since the Bathhouse Incident behind her, she has forged an image of herself as steady, reliable, and perhaps a bit frigid.

On the night she is to choose a royal groom at the kingdom’s Winter Ball, the man who nearly ruined her all those years ago comes crashing back into her life, sending the nobles into a frenzy of gossip and speculation.

Max de Chalons has returned from exile and is the same as ever: glib, amusing, and wickedly handsome.

In the days that follow, the two rekindle their childhood friendship. Rumors swirl of a forbidden affair, a murdered Viscountess, and a dastardly noble bent on winning Portia’s hand at any cost.

Can they escape this web of scandal, blackmail, and intrigue?

A steamy tale of plotting and passion unfolds around them, pulling them back to their childhood follies and the place where it all began.

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